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Isabel Martin is a freelance health journalist.
Role: Journalist, Health
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How forgetting helps us learn

Our brain is a complicated part of our body. We knew that...but that knowledge does not stop us from being taken aback because a study has just found...

A question of how much hormone helps improve IVF success

High use of hormones may be hurting the chances of IVF success
Infertility is the impossibility to conceive after one year of regular attempts in the absence of a contraceptive. Usually infertility is a complex...

Your brain has room for optimism

Optimism is a personality trait that has been defined by psychologists as the tendency to hold overall favorable expectancies about our future.


Gut microbiome protects against malaria

The WHO estimates that 214 million cases of malaria were reported worldwide in 2015, mostly in Africa (88%), South-East Asia (10%) and the Eastern...

A marker for migratory breast cancer spreading to brain

Recent study finds a protein that could predict the risk of breast cancer migrating to the brain
Genetically speaking, breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease.

Primary tumors are classified in types and subtypes according to the genes expressed...