Dominika Trembecka-Lucas

Dominika Trembecka-Lucas holds PhD degree in Cell Biophysics form Jagiellonian University, Poland. Dominika lives in Portugal, where she works as a freelance journalist and develops her science related company, Sciently. You can see her other work at or follow on Twitter @Sciently.
Role: Journalist, Health
No. of articles: 8

Germany leads in new methods for acute stroke treatment

Suddenly somebody is having difficulty speaking, part of their face unexpectedly droops and one arm weakens - you might be alarmed and will call an...

Will future sunscreens come in a pill?

It is June and in Europe the summer is on. The allure of beach time has made some of us work out, so that we could show off our muscles during sun...

The Benefits of Music Therapy

Exposure to music influences how genes are read and processed in the brain.
Being a parent you must have heard about the good impact of classical music on child development. You have read that music helps the young ones...

Rotating night shifts worker - take good care of yourself!

Due to irregular sleep patterns, rotating night shift workers are vulnerable to several chronic diseases
It's not only during student years that we tend to stay awake long into the night. Nearly twenty percent of us have to deal with disturbed working...

Crystallizing steps towards improving drug and vaccines development

Image: Crystal
Our body consists of countless molecules: water, micro- and macro-elements, sugars, fatty acids, proteins and others. We function as precise,...

Practice mindfulness to improve your life

Breathing exercises can help you cope with stress in your life.
We all live under pressure. Stress impacts our well being, our decision making processes, ways of solving conflicts and personal relationships. It...

Star-shaped grippers could help doctors operate and take biopsies

Evolution of surgery: Then and Now
Remember the shiver down your back when you went to a museum of medicine and saw the surgical instruments? Cutters, saws, holders, forceps, clamps and...

Why does smoking make you slim?

Study shows link between Body Mass Index and heavy smoking
In developed countries, public health is threatened by unhealthy lifestyles: stress, little physical activity, smoking and binge drinking. As a result...