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German bankers increasingly isolated within the Euro zone

Euro Zone, not including Finland  -- munichFOTO / Glentamara
Arguments between German financial experts and bankers from the rest of the eurozone have apparently left Germany in an increasingly isolated...

Bavarian job market stays the course

The latest report of the Bavarian Unemployment Centre (Arbeitsamt) has given mixed results for the current job situation in Bavaria. Compared to last...

Ramsauer wants new plates

Patriotism. But is it local.    -munichFOTO
  Peter Ramsauer, Germany's Minister of Transport, has presented a new concept to introduce more local number plates or what are also called license...

Some Bavarians demand Free Bavaria

The Free State of Bavaria. Should it be even more free?
Munich - Only a few books have been discussed as controversially among Bavarians as Wilfried Scharnagl's latest effort "Bayern kann es auch alleine"...

A new constitution for Germany?

The current crisis in the Euro zone is forcing Germany to consider radical changes to its political system. This might even force Germany to introduce...

Upheaval in electoral law

German electoral law unconstitutional, court says

The German electoral law must be revised. According to a decision made by the...