Cathryn Delude

Cathryn Delude is a journalist for The Munich Eye.
Role: Journalist, Health
No. of articles: 3

MERS patient dies in Munich hospital

Klinikum Schwabing hospital (Credit: wikipedia commons)
On March 26, a patient in a Munich hospital was the first person in Germany to die of a new SARS-like viral infection called MERS-CoV, for Middle East...

How breast cancer spreads into the brain

Brain tumor formed after injection of human breast cancer cells into mice. Credit: Dario Marchetti.
Cancer cells can escape from tumors, sneak through the bloodstream, and seed new tumors, or metastases, in distant organs. In a recent study of breast...

Does air pollution increase heart attacks and strokes?

Smog in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Credit: wikipediacommons)
The longer you live in a polluted city, the more quickly you develop risk factors for heart attack and stroke, researchers found. We have known that...