Adam Dudyk

Adam Dudyk is an IT professional currently living and working in Munich
Role: Journalist, Arts
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Munich, the place to be a man

Munich ranks as the best place in Germany to be a Man!
Munich, the place with everything, according to Gelbe Seiten (a directory listing service).  They have claimed Munich is the best place in Germany to...

Munich's best wurst, Rotkreuzplatz

Looking west across Rotkreuzplatz
Wurst = sausage Würstl = sausages, and is also the diminutive. Würstl Stand is a 'little sausages stand' I, like about half of Munich, chose this past...

Flirting with Deutsch - learning a language can be fun

Flirting with Deutsch - combine acting with learning
I have lived in Germany for, let's say, a few years now. Do I speak the bloody language? I sure don't. I hate language classes and the way people over...