Germany's gambling industry is growing - but what are the most popular ways to gamble

Germany's gambling industry continues to grow: its gross revenue reached EUR14.2bn in 2018, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of +4.2 percent between 2015-17.

This consistent rise may come as a surprise considering the regulatory challenges Germany's gambling market has faced in the past decade. Gambling was actually outlawed by the government in most states, but remains legal in Schleswig-Holstein only.

The Interstate Gambling Treaty (signed into law in 2012) limits the number of online gambling companies able to operate, but online gaming is one of the most popular ways to bet in Germany now.

Germans' online gaming preferences are split across three core categories:


Sports Betting

Sports betting is a huge market in the global online gambling industry, but especially so in Germany. It actually accounts for 38 percent of online gambling today. And which sport do Germans bet on most often? Football.

Soccer fans will, no doubt, know Germany has a proud history in the sport, and is set to host the UEFA Euro tournament in 2024. But Germans are also shown to place wagers on horse racing, basketball, tennis and ice hockey, too.


Online Casinos

Casino entertainment makes up 34 percent of online gambling in Germany. Slots, blackjack, roulette, scratch cards and other popular games keep online casinos popular, with the best sites catering to players of all tastes. There's something for novices (usually video slots packed with exciting features) and seasoned fans alike.

Another core element driving online casinos' success in Germany is the wealth of bonuses available. Germans have an extensive variety of bonuses to choose from when they join online casinos, all of which typically make players' money go further.

For example, Rizk Casino offers a bonus of up to EUR150 and 100 spins on first deposits. But this is just one of many promotions incentivizing customers. Especially as a beginner and if you don't know your way around yet you should read a detailed online casino test.

Brands optimize their online casinos for mobile devices, too, empowering players with the freedom to enjoy their favorite games without restriction.



24 percent of Germany's online gambling is dedicated to poker. This timeless game is beloved by fans the world over, played in brick-and-mortar venues as well as most online casinos.

Live poker delivers a more immersive gaming experience, as the interaction between professional dealers and players cultivates a social atmosphere. Live gaming from the most popular operators (NetEnt Live, Evolution Gaming) is available through smartphones and tablets, too, so players can try their hand 24/7 without needing to set up their computer or laptop.


It's clear that online gambling has a home in Germany, despite the strict regulations restricting it to Schleswig-Holstein. A number of other countries (including the UK) embrace online betting more openly without compromising on its rules (implemented by the Gambling Commission).

They set a solid precedent for offering companies the opportunity to operate their own casinos online whilst still ensuring a fair, transparent experience for players.

But a sizable portion of German consumers continue to take advantage of online betting, whether the gambling industry in Germany becomes more open or not.

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