Pequeno Mexican Restaurant Bar

Pequeno Mexican restaurant

Gewürzmühlstraße 3
80538 München

This small Mexican restaurant is tucked away in the quiet side street behind Prinzregentstr and offers a nice selection of Mexican food. The lunch deal consisting of the usual burritos, enschildas and chill con carne is excellent value and the portions are huge, including potatoes wedges, salad and chicken wings for around 7'‚¬. The food is simply flavoured and not as spicy as regular Mexican food tends to be. The layout and decoration is plain and not indicative of the Mexican cuisine the restaurant serves, which on one hand avoids the usual tackiness associated with Mexican restaurants. However it also means the restaurant is easily forgettable. Some more tasteful jazzing up of the interior and creation of a relaxed Latin inspired atmosphere would benefit Pequeno. It is an ideal starting point for those who want to dip their toes slowly into Mexican food without being overwhelmed.

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