Nigrin Afghanistani Restaurant

Dultstr. 1, Ecke Sendlinger Straße,
80331 München

Nigrin is a charming hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the Altstadt, a perfect place to escape the cold, dark winter days. The interior is cosy and intimately decorated in traditional Afghan/Persian style with dark, patterned rugs, traditional colourful glass lanterns, comfy bright cushions and candles, where you have the opportunity to let go and soak up the eastern influences. Somewhat pricey usually, the lunch menu it offers is good value for money at around 7'‚¬. The lunch menu is rather limited as expected, though there is a sufficient choice of meat dishes served with rice and salad. The salad was simple and unfortunately heavily salted. The food is mild and definitely adapted for the Euopean palate and remains flavoursome though not overpowering. Nigrin is ideal for those who enjoy Turkish cuisine and want to try something similar but with a greater selection of vegetables, pulses and spices. However for those who enjoy spicy Indian cuisine, Nigrin may be a little bland. Nigrin exudes a warm and welcoming feeling with its unique aesthetically pleasing style whilst successfully avoiding being a clichéd Eastern themed restaurant.

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