Marina von Stroganoff - Meet the Diva of the 21st Century

Tue 07 Feb

Marina von Stroganoff, German singer, artist and actress, presented an open stage concert, just before Christmas, on the 20th December. It was a charming evening, filled with classical and jazz music and proved to be a true gift for her fans and other lovers of such unique breathtaking songs!

Anyone who wished to present something artistic were allowed to access the stage to perform in front of the audience. The concert was well-received and guests were delighted with the popular and beautiful music which many enjoyed throughout the evening.

At just 3 years of age, Marina von Stroganoff took to the stage as a ballet dancer and knew that she would dedicate her whole life to pursue her love of the theatre and performance art. Her artistic soul and beautiful voice took her through the Riga Choreography School, the French Lyceum d'Anri Barbusse and the Latvian State Conservatorium. Eventually, she received a permanent acting position at the Riga State Theater and in 1995 she received her diplomas as a theater and film actress.

Not only does she have a jealousy-worthy biography, but one which is growing daily!

She took part in many events and amazed everyone present with her old hits like Ave Maria, White Christmas, Memories, I stand in the rain, La vie en Rose, Hijo de la luna, O sole mio and many others.

Today the Beautiful Redhead is a jewel in the theater industry. In addition to her singing career, she partakes in the innovative TV show "I See the Sun" and is a jury member at the Teeny Singcontest at the City Point. Painting is also an interest of this talented artist.

She opened her own music school in Zwickau - the "Marina of Stroganoff Music School" where she often holds open stages.

"Everyone who wants to present something artistic can go on stage this evening. We are very excited and look forward to your contributions".

Such a warm welcome shows Marina as she is every day, always with the hope that she will lead new talents and young people into the beautiful world of singing and theater.


You can book Marina von Stroganoff for your private or business events.



Telefon: 0174-5123121

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