Beauty eShop Iparfumerie and Beautyspin is Rebranding to Notino!

Thu 01 Dec

With the best beauty products being sold in fourteen different countries, Notino is one of the most popular options in the world for fragrances.

Notino is one of the most popular options in the world for fragrances and beauty products. It isn't surprising, though, that you might not have heard of them. Why? Because up until recently, Notino has gone by a few different names in each country. Does Beautyspin ring a bell? What about eShop Iparfumerie? The popularity and mass production of the quality goods available through this excellent company has skyrocketed, and with increased demand came the decision to forge a brand. Uniting all of the stores under one logo, one title, one idea -- this is the motivation behind rebranding to Notino.

What Does This Mean For The Consumer?
Apart from favoriting a new web address, not a whole lot is required of the customer! The new website -- or -- is easier than ever to use and remember. Despite the website change, nothing else major is being updated. The philosophy used to interact and please consumers is the same as it always has been, and the products offered by Beautyspin, in addition to the low prices and delivery options from prior, are still here. Return customers will find that their preferences and history haven't changed a bit, and newcomers will find our social media to be just as organized and easy to use as it always has been. Truly, the only thing that is different is the emergence of this company as a brand: Notino.

Why The Sudden Change?
The only things that are really different are the website URL and the email address at which the same staff, business partners, and the like can be reached. The attempt to rebrand this company is entirely in order to build up a reputation that is easily associated with a simple word, instead of being attached to a plethora of store titles. The best way to maintain the products offered and to have them be available to customers all over the world is through unity and simplicity. The individuals in charge at Notino decided that it was time to invoke change -- no longer were they selling perfume to the people in a single country. Now, with such exponentially increasing popularity, it is time to develop the reputation and brand offering these quality products.

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