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Exciting multicultural job opportunity

Exciting and unusual job opportunity for expats
TME Recruitment is publicising a job opportunity which warrants closer inspection by the expatriate crowd here in Munich.  The nature of this job is a...

Flirting with Deutsch - learning a language can be fun

Flirting with Deutsch - combine acting with learning
I have lived in Germany for, let's say, a few years now. Do I speak the bloody language? I sure don't. I hate language classes and the way people over...

Taking ownership of your life

Limbica - helping you take ownership of your life
Have you ever asked yourself why that which appears easy for other people to do, seems to be impossible for you to achieve? There are people whom...

Mariam Karim Ahlawat, "My writing is cinematic"

Writer Mariam Karim Ahlawat
Novelist, playwright, screenplay writer, children's writer, columnist, illustrator - the many roles of Mariam Karim Ahlawat - are but just a few. A...

How Germany's Free Democrats Failed To Make Parliament

FDP fail to reach 5% threshold necessary to attain seats in the Bundestag
Regardless of where anyone stands in the political spectrum of Germany, clearly the biggest shock of this week's federal election was the ....

Google vs. Death

Could Google´s new company researchs delete or delay mortality?
Google, the American company known for its popular search engine, is supporting a new venture that aims to significantly extend human life. The new...

Munich, the place to be a man

Munich ranks as the best place in Germany to be a Man!
Munich, the place with everything, according to Gelbe Seiten (a directory listing service).  They have claimed Munich is the best place in Germany to...

European Union outstrips the US in Transatlantic Meat Trade

EU outstrips the US in TMT. The Statista
In 2013, the U.S. and the EU initiated free trade negotiations under the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP). These negotiations...

Increasing citizenships grants in Europe

This chart from Statista, based on data provided by Eurostat shows the leading countries for citizen acquisition in the EU in 2011
According to new figures from 2011 released by Eurostat and charted by the statistics portal Statista, the European Union granted 783,100 people...

Billion in stolen art found in Schwabing

Cornelius Gurlitt's 1.35Billion hoarde
Munich has received its fair share of bumps and criticisms, being the city where Hilter began his early Nazi career. Germany as a whole has repaid...

Spooky Halloween stories

The Munich Readery hosts a scary Halloween reading hour
The Munich Readery invites brave children to a special Halloween reading hour at its bookstore on Augustenstr, this Saturday.  Only the most fearless...

Merkel on top

Merkel celebrates after historic win
Berlin: Angela Merkel was reelected the German Chancellor for a third straight time, sending Christian Democratic Union (CDU) supporters across the...

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